Ambitious New Roof Upgrade and Metal Wall Panels for Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville

Register Roofing Employees Installing a New Roof on The F-18 Hangar at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.


Naval Air Station Jacksonville is the largest Navy installation in the southern United States and one of the largest in the nation. The base is home to multiple squadrons and specializes in training for anti-submarine warfare for both U.S. and international forces. One of those squadrons houses its F-18 fighter jets in a 150,000 square-foot hangar that was originally constructed in 1940. The main function of the hangar is to service and rebuild the planes. Given the building’s age, it was designated by the Navy for renovation in 2019. 

The process of bringing the hangar into the twenty-first century was essentially a full design-build project contracted by the Federal Government and The Navy Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC). Jacksonville, Florida, based architectural, engineering, and construction firm Haskell was a leading bidder on the full project. Haskell tapped Register Roofing early on to partner on the bidding process for the roofing and metal siding phases of the project. This selection was based on Register Roofing’s experience with large-scale projects and our history of exceptional partnership with the international firm. 

After a long negotiation process, beginning in 2019, Haskell was awarded the job with the assistance of Register Roofing and other qualified contractors. The overall scope of work includes the refurbishment of virtually every aspect of the building and will take about two years to complete.

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The Challenge

The most apparent challenge is the sheer size of the hangar. Completion of the re-roof and siding replacement work requires a roofing contractor with the resources and scalability to source, cut, and store all of the materials necessary to complete that phase of the project. Lead times pose another challenge. One wall of the hangar called for an insulated metal product that requires fourteen weeks to be delivered by the manufacturer. Correctly measuring everything and ordering the right amount of material as quickly as possible is critical.


Due to the age of the hangar, there was asbestos in the roof insulation and lead paint throughout which requires disposal by a certified, specialized contractor once it is removed. A high level of coordination is vital to ensure these hazardous materials are taken from the site quickly and properly. In relation to new materials, this is a long-term, ongoing project with a lot of fasteners, insulation, and other required elements. Maintaining price stability and contract integrity in the midst of global materials shortages is no easy feat in itself.


All of these challenges are compounded by the fact that the F-18 fighter jets cannot be relocated and the hangar has to remain operational.

The Solution

Register Roofing has performed a great deal of military work in our history and we have experience in overcoming some of the associated obstacles. Our familiarity with government jobs, coupled with our long-standing relationship with the general contractor, Haskell, set the stage for success. That relationship is built on the foundation of trust in our preemptive processes. At the beginning of the design-build process, Haskell brought in Register Roofing to ensure the project would be completed in the most logical and efficient way possible. Site verification of components was crucial, to ensure the 80-year-old structure to receive our new exterior cladding systems. Once we were awarded the work, we were able to move fast and mobilize our manufacturing partners to receive the necessary roofing and metal siding materials as quickly as possible.


The complexity and sensitivity of this job require meticulous planning and close communication with other trades and contractors working on the project. Our teams have remained in close contact with contractors selected by the NAVFAC to protect the F-18’s that occupy the hangars. Register Roofing coordinated our removal days with the abatement contractor responsible for the disposal of the building’s legacy hazardous materials and they were taken away safely. All other necessary collaborations have been approached with equal respect to our colleagues. 


To ensure the hangar remains functional from the beginning to the end of the project, we are completing the work in two phases. The hangar is divided into two halves, and all aircraft are moved to one side as we complete the work on the other. The first phase will be completed in September 2021, and the second phase will commence shortly after.


When bidding on long-term projects with extended timelines, there is a level of complexity involved with maintaining pricing integrity and mitigating cost overruns due to issues that may arise once the project begins. When we began work, one year after submitting the proposal, we encountered materials shortages which required meticulous planning and the support of our vendor partners. Due to our close relationship with our distributors, we were able to make agile shifts in our plan to avoid any impact on the timeline and costs associated with the job. Register Roofing has always operated as a company other companies want to do business with and that purpose has paid huge dividends on this project. ABC Supply Company, Inc. has been a great partner in this and many of our other projects, allowing us to buy high quantities of material and take delivery at the exact time the project calls for it.


Register Roofing has the expertise and capability to provide exceptional design and roofing services on projects of all sizes. We place the same emphasis, craftsmanship, and attention to detail on a standard commercial roof as we place on a large-scale, long-term government contract.


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With the first phase of the project nearly completed, both the general contractor, Haskell, and the overseers at the Federal Government and The Navy Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) are pleased with the quality and progress of the work. The hangar is well on its way to both updated functionality, energy efficiency, and appearance. Through the hard work of our chosen siding manufacturer and the alliance with ABC Supply, Register Roofing has completed all work so far on time and on budget. The lessons learned completing the first half of this project will create even greater efficiencies on phase two and we look forward to working with Haskell and the other contractors on the project to deliver a fully functioning, fully refurbished F-18 hangar to NAS Jacksonville as quickly as possible.

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