Metal Fabrication Services

A man performing a metal weld

We don’t outsource.
We customize.

Our industry-certified metal fabrication specialists can service all fabrication needs. Our shop provides quality SMACNA and ANSI compliant products in aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper.

Precision Engineered Perfection

Our metal fabrication shop does more than support our projects. They also provide services beyond roofing. If you are looking for something specific, or a custom fit piece, our experts will exceed your expectations. If you need a non-standard metal piece to complete or repair your roofing project, Register Roofing’s fabrication team should be your first call.

A roof sheet metal flashing

Roof Sheet Metal Flashings

Protect the most sensitive areas of your roof from standing water.

Eave Drip, Gravel Stop, Coping, Wall Flashings. Direct water away from the fascia and into your gutters.

Gutter, Downspouts, Conductor Head. Move water off your roof and direct it where you want it to go.

Keep water from penetrating your metal roof at a joint.

Pitch pans, goosenecks, exhaust vents. Protect necessary roof penetrations against water intrusion.

Building Component Flashings

A leaking roof is not the only way moisture enters your building.

Keep damaging moisture out of your building’s walls.

Prevent water from entering your structure through the angles or joints around windows.

Water tends to pool around doors. Make sure that moisture stays outside.

A metal flashing on a window ledge
A custom metal assembly

Custom Metal Assemblies

Precise solutions for common water intrusion problem areas.

Make sure your chimney is only letting the unwanted out.

Protect the equipment and walls around an external vent or intake.

Keep the elements from your entryway with an expertly matched solution.

Provide above-roof equipment with a precise, level mounting platform.

Protect your roof-mounted intake or vent against moisture intrusion.

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