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Metal is a better exterior building product in every application. A metal roof, wall panel, or siding panel boasts many advantages over other materials, including longevity, durability, and aesthetics. Buildings go through many environmental changes over the course of their lives. Metal building products are designed to withstand these changes. From temperature fluctuations and exposure to different weather conditions, they provide an efficient way to boost your property’s value for years to come.

Our Team Knows Metal

We understand which metal type and application will work best for your project, whether that’s driven by building code, aesthetic desire, or performance life. We educate our customers on material and paint finishes to determine which specification is best suited for your project.

Metal Roof Panels

Metal roofing provides an attractive, finished look to buildings with visible roofs. It can also be very resistant to corrosion in high salinity areas like the Southeast, with the proper material and paint finish selections. With multiple installation and finish options, metal roofing provides exceptional design flexibility inside and out. Our experienced team will show you all your options and offer the perfect solution.

Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels are a great alternative to products such as stucco and wood siding, which have a history of failure in the Southeast climate. They can be provided in a variety of shapes and sizes, and installed with concealed or exposed fastener applications.

Metal Soffit

Metal soffits can be provided in a flush face or with reveals to provide architectural value. These soffits can also be vented to meet code requirements, and prefinished to match adjacent metal flashings. They do not damage when wet and have an overall superior life expectancy as compared to stucco, vinyl, or wood soffit materials.

Building Envelope Flashings

Every building has some level of metal flashings. This may relate to drainages such as gutters or downspouts, or to perimeter details such as fascia or coping. Our fabrication shop is certified to meet building code requirements for fabrication, and our team of installers provides turnkey solutions for metal flashing needs.

We Can Solve Your Metal Needs