Register Roofing Successfully Replaces Roof and New Metal Wall Panels for the Paint Shop at NAS JAX (Building 868)

Wall Panels and Roofing Of NAS Jax Paint Shop


The strategic location and generally warm climate of Naval Air Station Jacksonville make it a preferred location for maintenance on the versatile and powerful F-18 aircraft employed by our military for defense and attack purposes around the globe. The base is home to a state-of-the-art paint shop where aircraft are sent to be stripped and repainted regularly to maintain flightworthy status. Though operational upgrades have occurred regularly within the paint shop, the building’s exterior had not been addressed since it was first constructed.

Modernizing the building’s exterior required both a full replacement of all exterior metal walls and a full-scale reroofing job. Williamsburg, Virginia-based Federal design-build construction leader Leebcor Services was chosen by the government as the general contractor. Leebcor Services selected Register Roofing to replace the roof and exterior walls based on our competitive bid and extensive experience with military work.

From initial bid to completion, the job took about 18 months with the construction phase representing about 9 months of that time. 

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The Challenge

One of the challenges posed was that the paint shop needed to continue working concurrently with our construction. Register Roofing had to respect the safety and wellbeing of the workers and aircraft within the facility during both the reroof and wall replacement phases of the job.

While the roofing portion was pretty straightforward, the walls of the building posed a series of unique challenges. One was the size of the McElroy Metal insulated metal panels required, and the 14-week lead time necessary to get them onsite. Additional challenges were discovered once the wall panels were removed and we uncovered that the framing was not up to code. The largest challenge of all was created by a complex ventilation system that brought clean air in and forced potentially harmful air out through stacks attached to the back of the building. All structural support for the ventilation system that was affixed to the exterior walls would have to be carefully removed and reinstalled to avoid damage.

The Solution

Register Roofing’s extensive background with federal work prepared us to face and tackle these challenges. Planning and coordination were absolutely vital. To keep the paint shop working, we planned our construction in phases. We maintained regular communication with the facilities manager to ensure no people or aircraft would be under or around anything we were addressing on a particular day. 

Consulting with Leebcor Services on the design and bidding phase of the project enabled Register Roofing to have extremely accurate exterior building measurements so we were able to order materials immediately upon being awarded the job. This prevented potential delays in commencing construction. Our knowledge and expertise in code compliance sped the recertification process of the wall framing. The team added the galvanized metal supports and other components necessary to vamp up the existing framing to today’s building standards. 

The back wall of the NAS paint shop proved to be the biggest challenge of all. The stacks and other supporting components of the ventilation system were all attached to this piece of the structure by brackets and other structural supports. The new insulated metal being added was about one inch too thick to clear the supports once they were removed from the existing wall.

To mitigate any damage that may be caused to the new metal wall materials or the ventilation system, Register Roofing partnered with Jacksonville, Florida, mechanical contractor W.W. Gay to remove and replace the exterior ventilation components due to their history of installing similar systems around the country. This partnership accelerated our efficiency at the paint shop and kept the project on time and within budget.

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Register Roofing was able to accomplish all the objectives Leebcor Services and the Department of Defense set forth within the parameters outlined. All work on the paint shop is completed and the phased construction minimized downtime and maximized productivity. The structure is up to code, fully functional, and looks great when passersby see it at the naval air station.

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