Register Roofing Installs New Durable Metal Wall Panels for University of North Florida Aquatic Center

Register Roofing installs new metal wall panels for UNF Aquatics Center


Located in Jacksonville, the University of North Florida consistently receives national awards and rankings for its programs and initiatives. In 2020, the school was named a Best National University by U.S. News & World Report. The beautiful campus boasts numerous amenities, but one notable omission was a pool that could be used for training by the Osprey Swim and Dive Team and students. The original on-campus pool had fallen into disrepair and was shut down in 2013. Four years later, the university revealed plans for an architecturally modern aquatic center to be completed by 2021.

The UNF Aquatic Complex required the development of a competition-sized swimming pool surrounded by buildings to support necessary infrastructures like offices and locker rooms. The university partnered with Ajax Building Company of Midway, Florida, as the general contractor. Ajax contracted Register Roofing’s uniquely qualified metal fabrication team to install 10,000 square feet of high-end and very complex IMETCO metal siding that gives the building a distinctive look as envisioned by Orlando, Florida-based architectural firm Borrelli + Partners.

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The Challenge

The IMETCO material required to finish the UNF Aquatic Center, Latitude, had to be custom finished and cut by the manufacturer, which takes time. Every panel had to be ordered as quickly as possible, but this could not happen until the building was finished and exact measurements were taken. The multiple angles of the building compounded the complexity of the project for the IMETCO and Register Roofing.

Installation is an intricate process and can only be performed by experienced sheet metal mechanics to preserve a smooth, seamless appearance. Register Roofing’s metal fabrication shop had to manufacture custom pre-form flashings and other trim components. Many of these components required additional forming and fabrication by onsite sheet metal craftsmen to ensure the proper fit was achieved. 

IMETCO is a manufacturer that delivers a very high-end product. They are meticulous in their processes, and the large volume ordered along with the multiple angles that needed to be cut created a longer-than-expected lead time. By the time the panels were delivered to the site, the timeline to complete installation was very tight. The number of other contractors scrambling to finish their work on the property created additional challenges given the size of the panels that needed to be manipulated and fastened to the building.

The Solution

The IMETCO Latitude siding gives the building a beautiful, sleek appearance. Concealed heavy-duty fasteners connect one panel to the next, ensuring there are no exposed rivets or screws. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also extends the life of the metal because there is no side penetration which would allow water intrusion.

Very few contractors can handle the complex installation of the large, 22 gauge galvanized steel panels. Those that can, generally have one crew available with the necessary experience. Register Roofing was able to devote three teams-as many as 12 people at a given time- to complete the job.

Typically, metal siding jobs are completed in a linear fashion. Work starts at one corner, and the crew moves around until the entire building is wrapped. The timeframe would not allow for this method, so Register Roofing placed a team on each wall working towards each other. Corners were finished and sealed when the teams met up. 

The teams worked weekends to stay ahead of the project and ensure they had the space required to angle the panels and align them properly. Seven to eight weeks would be the average time estimate for a project of this scope. Working creatively, our teams finished the work in just four weeks.

Register Roofing’s vast resources, talented teams, and focus on timely delivery ensured the installation was completed ahead of schedule. This enabled the work on the aquatic center to be completed, preventing costly delays.

Register Roofing has a reputation for providing quality, timely commercial roofing and metal solutions for the government and private-sector buildings throughout the Southeast. 

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Installing the metal siding on the University of North Florida Aquatic Center was a challenging and rewarding project for Register Roofing. The unique architecture and aesthetic of the building created a signature element on the campus of an exceptional state university in our hometown. The durability and innovative installation characteristics of IMETCO Latitude will provide a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free finish on the aquatic center for forty years or more.

The general contractor, Ajax Building Company, met the deadline for the completion of the complex. They chose us because of our demonstrated expertise and efficient work on previous successful collaborations. Our partnership was strengthened by our project management, flawless execution, and timely completion of this project, and we look forward to partnering with Ajax Building Company again in the future.

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