Register Roofing Partners With Gilbane and The PGA TOUR On New Broadcast And Media Center


The PGA TOUR, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is expanding its campus to include a state-of-the-art broadcast and media center adjacent to its recently opened Global Home headquarters. The new building, PGA TOUR Studios, will encompass 165,000 square feet dedicated to expanding media content and production capabilities for the global brand.

HLW International designed the PGA TOUR Studios in collaboration with Foster + Partners , and The TOUR partnered with Gilbane Building Company to oversee construction. Register Roofing performed the roof installations on other prominent buildings on the PGA TOUR campus, including the Global Home headquarters and the opulent clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass. Based on familiarity with the site and an established history of success working together, Gilbane selected Register Roofing to partner on the roofing portion of the media center project from the bidding phase and contracted us to perform the installation after winning the bid.

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The Challenges

The PGA TOUR Studios building is a stunning example of modern architectural design. It is beautiful on the exterior, and the interior features open, high ceilings and many other aesthetic features. Mechanical elements like ductwork, usually hidden in the ceiling, had to be housed on the roof deck instead. This design led to more than 600 penetrations on the 60,000-square-foot roof.

The high volume of rooftop mechanical and electrical equipment made a watertight roof system challenging to obtain. Certain areas of the roof posed difficulties for foot traversal, complicating the installation process.

Register Roofing’s pre-construction team uncovered issues in the roofing specifications of the initial RFP. The plans for polyiso insulation would add inefficiencies from a cost and time perspective.

The Solutions

Since Register Roofing was engaged with Gilbane from the initial phases of the contract, we addressed specific challenges in the design phase that improved the process and the finished product. We recommended replacing the polyiso insulation board with lightweight insulating concrete that would provide a similar insulation value and cost less. The ability to pour the material around the penetrations instead of cutting the board precisely was an added benefit.

We contracted Agantic Group to install the roofing LWIC roof deck. Their highly-skilled team provided a good quality substrate to allow for the installation of our Johns Manville adhered TPO roof membrane. Exceeding time expectations has allowed our team to focus on sealing the penetrations and mitigate the potential for leaks.

Safety is always a top priority at Register Roofing. As our safety and project management teams reviewed the project scope, we recognized that many tradespeople would be on the roof throughout the build. To ensure the well-being of every individual involved, Register Roofing took proactive measures by installing a ZipRail Fall Protection Kit along the perimeter of the roof.

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Design input, efficient operations, strong project management, and talented field roofing technicians will enable Register Roofing to complete our work ahead of schedule, sealing the building for interior work to begin. Our active involvement right from the project’s inception has ultimately led to the development of a superior, more streamlined, and cost-effective roofing system for the PGA TOUR’s new Broadcast and Media Center.

Register Roofing has been setting the standard in commercial roofing systems’ design, planning, installation, and maintenance throughout the Southeast for over 40 years. If you have a commercial roofing project of any scope or complexity, please get us involved as quickly as possible so that we can provide innovative, efficient solutions as we provided for the PGA TOUR and hundreds of other organizations.

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