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Yacht Harbor building in Palm Coast, FL.


Yacht Harbor Village is a high-rise condominium complex on the Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa’s property in Palm Coast, Florida. The luxurious building overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway has about 150 units with a mix of permanent residences and vacation rentals. Developers built the structure in the early 2000s, and the modified bitumen roof was beginning to show signs of age. The building owner was also concerned about the condition of the Spanish roof tiles that cap towers around the structure.

Yacht Harbor Condominium Association ownership selected Register Roofing to evaluate the roof’s overall health and suggest a proper path forward for protecting the building and its occupants. During the consultation phase, we determined that the 15 clay tile towers could provide another 20 years of life with a few minor repairs, which enabled us to focus on replacing the roof and bringing rooftop electrical and mechanical components up to code. Completing the project on schedule requires exceptional communication, dedicated partnership, and the full breadth of Register Roofing’s skills as both a General and Commercial Roofing Contractor.

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The Challenge

The existing roof was modified bitumen applied over lightweight concrete on a structural concrete deck. This type of tear-off and replacement would ordinarily be simple; however, the roof at Yacht Harbor Village is far from ordinary. The mechanical and electrical equipment for all 150 units was situated on top of the building requiring subcontracting other trades to disconnect, update, and reconnect it safely. Register Roofing’s team and our partners would have to be highly efficient to minimize the time residents were without air conditioning in the Florida heat.

The height of the roof provided additional challenges. Everything had to be offloaded and loaded by crane, creating an extra layer of project management and coordination. Safety concerns also needed to be managed for our torch-applied membranes. Finally, Yacht Harbor Village is an occupied, high-end building requiring the utmost care for the facility and professionalism around the property and residents.

The Solution

The high complexity of this project required meticulous planning and flawless execution. Register Roofing partnered with Palmetto Electric to disconnect, improve, and reconnect all the electrical components. We hired Thigpen Heating and Cooling to tackle the HVAC work due to the numerous successful projects we have completed together.

Register Roofing’s project management team received exceptional support from both contractors. Their dedicated teams worked efficiently to move equipment so we could remove the old roof down to the lightweight concrete. With the failing roof removed, we mechanically fastened a SOPREMA base sheet and torch-applied a two-ply modified bitumen roofing system. Palmetto and Thigpen immediately came behind Register Roofing’s talented team to reconnect the electrical and mechanical equipment.

Project Managers closely monitored crane operations to ensure roofing teams had all the supplies they needed and debris was removed efficiently. Safety leaders enforced OSHA risk mitigation protocols, including a two-hour fire watch anytime a roofer lit a torch to apply the roof membranes.

Register Roofing’s site management team designed and implemented strict protocols to protect the building and its grounds. To ensure cleanliness, our team plastic-wrapped both stairways providing roof access before rooftop work commenced. The placement of roll-off containers, supplies, and our crane received careful consideration, and all these items were padded and tied down appropriately to minimize the impact on the pavers and landscaping surrounding the building.

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Meticulous project management, efficient field operations, and strong subcontractor relationships will allow Register Roofing to complete this three-month project on schedule and with minimal frustration to the residents of Yacht Harbor Village. Partnership with the building owner from the consultation phase to solution design and implementation has been paramount to the project’s success.

Our qualifications as a General Contractor enable us to serve as a single point of contact for the entire project and uncover efficiencies that save time and money.

The roof replacement at Yacht Harbor Village may be more complex than many of Register Roofing’s jobs, but our approach is always simple. Provide excellent communication, be transparent in our business practices, and efficiently deliver exceptional results.

Put this approach to work for you. Contact Register Roofing for all your commercial roofing needs, regardless of scope or complexity.

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