Commercial Roof and Rooftop Pavers for FIS Global Headquarters


Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) is a Fortune 500 financial technology firm headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company’s beautiful campus is a fixture along the St. Johns River, which runs through the heart of the city. As a part of the Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) economic inclusion plan, the City of Jacksonville Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) provided incentive funding to the new building, totaling $13.7 million. This was a very high-profile project that will redefine the Jacksonville skyline.

Completed in 2022, global architecture firm Gensler designed the 376,000-square-foot, 12-story facility to be one of the greenest in Florida. The ornate architectural design comprises 8 different roof levels with varying specifications.

FIS chose Gilbane Building Company as the general contractor, and Register Roofing was eager to work on the project, having partnered with Gilbane several times. The Register Roofing team demonstrated their value, effectiveness, and precision throughout the project in executing large-scale, highly scrutinized public projects such as the FIS Headquarters.

Services Provided

The Challenge

The intricate nature of the project, involving multiple roof levels and varying specified roof types, necessitated the services of a commercial roofing contractor with the specialized skills and expertise of Register Roofing. These factors would have caused difficulty in normal times and were further exacerbated by the supply chain constraints the industry was facing during and after the pandemic.

Moreover, the project was subject to stringent time constraints and required a substantial volume of construction crews present onsite from inception to completion. This directed meticulous attention to protecting the roof, resulting in some unforeseen repair work during the construction phase due to inadvertent damage caused by teams installing equipment on the roofs at various locations.

Finally, the budget was heavily scrutinized due to some municipal and state incentives FIS was offered to build its global headquarters in Jacksonville. Some architectural decisions, particularly a 23,000-square-foot outdoor terrace area, needed to be evaluated to ensure the customer received their expected result while achieving savings where possible.

The Solution

Given Register Roofing’s extensive experience with diverse commercial roofing systems, installing multiple roof types ultimately hinged on our team’s adept project management skills. Following Gilbane’s directives, we scheduled multiple crew mobilizations to facilitate sealing various building areas, ensuring that the interior construction could proceed seamlessly as per the project plan.

Overcoming the materials challenges was a byproduct of Register Roofing’s familiarity with commercial roofing products and strong relationships with nearly every commercial roofing system manufacturer. Even with advanced planning, the original system we expected to use was unavailable until four months after our scheduled start date. We switched manufacturers to Siplast, which could deliver the single-ply PVC material we needed sooner, but still not quite fast enough. Ultimately, to take exceptional care of our client, we put a temporary roof on the main tower of the building to keep the project on schedule.

Register Roofing was able to work with Gilbane to value engineer multiple aspects of the build to assist in staying within the budget constraints of the project. Upon examining the architectural specifications of the terrace, we were able to suggest changing the roof in this area to a modified bitumen solution, using light concrete instead of polyiso insulation, and switching the pavers from the architect’s suggestion to a paver from Hanover that we have used successfully in the past. These changes shaved nearly $150,000 from the roofing phase of the project.

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Fidelity National Information Services inaugurated its new global headquarters on October 13, 2022. Despite the inherent complexity of the project and the associated challenges, Register Roofing demonstrated exceptional efficiency by completing the bulk of our work within a span of six months, from May to November 2021. The unwavering diligence, precision, and foresight of our team were instrumental in delivering this spectacular addition to the Jacksonville skyline on schedule, within the allocated budget, and even yielding cost savings for the client.

Regardless of the complexity of your commercial roofing project, Register Roofing can provide a tailored solution for you. Contact us today to receive the same premium services as Fidelity National Information Services and our thousands of other satisfied clients.

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