Register Roofing Installs Commercial Roof and Wall Panels For New Jaguars Training Facility

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The Jacksonville Jaguars’ new practice and training facility, The Miller Electric Center, is underway and set to be completed by the 2023 NFL season. The facility will house all of the Jaguars’ football operations, including locker rooms, an indoor practice field, training, and medical facilities, office space, a team store, and a draft room.

The Miller Electric Center is the result of a public-private partnership between the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville. Register Roofing was chosen in March 2022 to perform fast-track commercial roofing services for this $120 million, state-of-the-art 125,000 sqft facility. Construction just northwest of TIAA Bank Field is currently in progress; Register Roofing will finish the roofing system construction by January 2023.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan contracted general contractor Haskell, an established partner of Register Roofing, for the construction of the team’s football operations headquarters. Due to our expertise, capacity to overcome budget and time constraints, and ability to leverage our partnership with Soprema Inc. on quick-turn-around construction projects, Haskell swiftly selected Register Roofing to collaborate with their team on the commercial roofing phase.

Services Provided

New Roof Installation

Exterior Wall Panel Installation

The Challenge

With the looming deadline of the 2023 Jaguar training camp, the general contractor had to partner with a roofing contractor they could trust. They needed to ensure the quality roofing installation would work within their budget, meet all qualifications, and most importantly execute within an aggressive timeline even with current supply chain constraints. This project called for us to provide 15-20 truckloads of materials for the 80,000 sqft roof, meet all code-compliant qualifications, and complete a quality roof installation and exterior wall panel installation within the allotted time.

When we were contracted in March 2022, we had a 9-month timeline to order the materials and finish the commercial roofing phase. We immediately set off to make use of the supplier and manufacturer relationships we’ve developed over our 40 years in the business in order to complete the roof installation. However, the architect and owner wanted PVC membrane and Polyisocyanurate thermal insulation, a popular low-slope insulation material, which was backlogged 12 months from the time of the order from almost all suppliers. We needed to install the roof in August, in only five months’ time.

The Solution

We started talking to our network of manufacturers and suppliers in March 2022 to see what would be possible within the 5-month delivery timeline Shad Khan requested. We considered numerous roofing insulation materials but knew that both the architect and owner had polyiso at the top of their lists.

The training facility designer preferred Soprema, our long-time supplier, from the beginning, and we kept working with Soprema to find a solution to the supply issue. Finally, after careful consideration and much collaborative problem-solving with Soprema, Soprema and Register Roofing were able to guarantee the PVC commercial roofing system for the Jaguar training center within the specified timeframe.

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Register Roofing was able to overcome the supply chain challenges and meet the budget and building qualifications thanks to its strong relationship and collaboration with Soprema. Soprema made it work to deliver the materials in August when all other suppliers found it impossible, and they delivered supplies within a 5-month delivery timeline instead of 12 months.

Register Roofing is currently building the exact 80,000 sqft roofing system that the building designer and owner had envisioned from Soprema, their preferred vendor. With a contract value of $1,774,000, Register Roofing is now constructing the roofing installation to be completed by January 2023.

Since starting the project, we have also added a unique scope package for installing composite bamboo wall panels. These decorative exterior wall panels provide a unique, high-end look to the new building. The construction of the roof installation and exterior wall panels is on track to allow the Jaguars to begin season training in their state-of-the-art facility in 2023, on time and within budget.

Without the solid relationship between Register Roofing and Soprema, it is possible that the commercial roofing work would not have been able to begin before the 2023 NFL season, leaving the Jaguars without a finished building. Instead, the fast-track installation has stayed on track despite supply chain limitations. The roof installment on the new Jaguar practice and training facility will comply with all regulations, be entirely operational, and look fantastic to onlooking Jags fans.

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