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Register Roofing Commercial Roof For KIPP School in Jacksonville, FL.


KIPP Schools is a nationwide network of free open-enrollment college preparatory schools serving low-income communities. Standing for Knowledge is Power Program, KIPP is America’s largest network of charter schools. KIPP had plans to build its fifth school in Jacksonville, Florida, Impact Academy, with intentions to enroll students in the Fall of 2022. Register Roofing was selected to provide commercial roofing services for the two-story, 73,800-square-foot educational building.

KIPP Public Charter Schools has contracted the construction of nearly 300 facilities throughout the United States. The parent company hired Summit Construction Management Group as the general contractor for the project. Summit Construction Management Group quickly reached out to Register Roofing to partner with them on the commercial roofing phase due to our experience and ability to overcome challenges and leverage partnerships on quick-turn construction projects.

Services Provided

The Challenge

KIPP Schools selected Summit Construction Management Group in the fall of 2021 and provided a 10-month timeline to finish the building. In normal times, this would be a perfectly acceptable timeline, but supply chain constraints and scarcity of construction materials make these times anything but normal. In order to complete the project within this aggressive timeline, Register Roofing had to leverage supplier and manufacturer partnerships built over our 40 years in the industry and consult with the client on the commercial roofing system available to best serve the needs of the charter school.

The Solution

In 2020, Register Roofing forecasted supply chain issues and stockpiled as much material inventory as possible. In this process we also opened dialogue with our network of suppliers and manufacturing partners to find out what might be available to us should we come across a timeline like the one being requested by KIPP. Combining what was available in our inventory with what we could get from our long-time supplier, Commercial Roofing Specialties, Inc., Register Roofing was able to guarantee the Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing system for the school within the requested timeline. Carlisle Syntec Systems allocated a dedicated order of roofing insulation and membrane to ensure Register Roofing would be able to accommodate the timeline commitments we contracted with Summit Construction Management Group.

Register Roofing believes in building the same strong partnerships with our clients as we do with our suppliers and manufacturers. Whether you have a municipal building, hospital, manufacturing facility, or any other commercial building with roofing needs complex or simple, contact Register Roofing and discover the value of a true partnership with your commercial roofing contractor.

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Proper planning and strong partnerships have ensured Register Roofing was able to overcome the unique challenges presented by the unprecedented times the world is currently experiencing. KIPP Public Charter Schools can enroll students for the 2022-2023 school year with confidence knowing that Register Roofing was able to provide the 37,000 square feet of roofing necessary to seal up the building and allow interior construction to commence by Spring of 2022.

Without Register Roofing’s ability to provide and source materials, it is likely the commercial roofing work would not have been able to commence until the Fall of 2022, leaving hundreds of children and families scrambling to find suitable schooling in their area.

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