Commercial Roofing and Metal Work for Chets Creek Church


Chets Creek Church is a large community institution with multiple campuses in the Duval and St. Johns counties of Northeast Florida. As the church’s congregation continues to grow, it has become necessary to construct a 20,000-square-foot addition to the Chets Creek Church flagship Hodges campus. 

This addition will house the church’s teen ministry, Chets Students. Along with a 250-seat auditorium, the student center will house additional meeting rooms to support the teens and other community ministries like addiction recovery, English-as-second-language classes, and the marriage ministry.

Chets Creek Church tabbed Auld & White Constructors to serve as the General Contractor for the new construction. Auld & White selected Register Roofing as the commercial roofing contractor for this uniquely designed addition based on a longstanding partnership with several successful collaborations.

Services Provided

The Challenge

The building’s modern architectural design called for two unique roofing applications. The majority of the installation was a TPO flat roof. Register Roofing also added a steep-sloped aluminum metal panel accent band to the parapet walls of the structure. The most complicated aspect of construction was a large metal radius feature designed to provide dramatic appeal to the student center’s entryway. Constructing this feature required forming a panel to the proper specifications onsite and then raising the panel for flush installation to the structure.

The Solution

Flat roofs in new construction are generally very straightforward. Register Roofing mechanically fastened a durable, cost-effective Carlisle 60mil TPO sheet over R30 insulation to the steel roof deck.  There was a more stringent fastening pattern on the roof membrane, to allow for a 120 MPH wind speed warranty inclusion.

Steep-slope metal roofing can be a little more complicated, and Register Roofing’s expertise in this area is another reason Auld & White partnered with us. Our engineering team knew from the bidding phase that Petersen would be the ideal roof panel supplier, and the manufacturer’s materials performed superbly onsite.

With materials at the location, Register Roofing’s tradesmen expertly applied the parapet panels and proceeded to site-roll the 90-foot metal section required for the radius feature at the entryway. Once formed and measured, our crew raised and installed the panel to the exacting specifications of the architect and building owner.

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The facility is now open and operating for the church, providing crucial space and amenities to continue to fight the good fight.

Register Roofing’s expertise in all types of commercial roofing applications has enabled the project to hit this milestone. Complementing exceptional skill with precise planning, the Register Roofing team ensured the project remained on track for its scheduled open date, empowering Chets Creek Church to utilize this valuable community resource as quickly as possible.

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