What Is The Cost To Replace A Commercial Roof?

One of the most vital and costly components of a building is the commercial roof. While durable, the commercial roof can only be repaired so many times before replacement becomes the most logical option. When building owners and property managers find themselves at this point, the most obvious question is, “What will it cost to replace my commercial roof?”  Unfortunately, there is no quick answer. Multiple factors impact commercial roof replacement, including the type of roof, size, and condition of the roof being replaced.

Register Roofing evaluates all of these factors and more to provide an accurate proposal for your unique commercial roofing replacement job. Let’s step through each variable and why they factor into price and scope of work.

Area & Pitch

The actual area of your rooftop is the primary factor in determining the commercial roof replacement cost; however, pitch and features also play a critical role in determining scope. These variables affect the amount of material needed, our approach, and labor hours for the project. Take a look at what we consider when providing a roof replacement estimate:

Roof Area

Measured in square feet, the roof area considers all facets of your roof into a signal aggregate number. The term ‘squares’ refers to a 100 SF unit of measurement.

Roof Facets

The number of sections of your roof. A facet is a single plane or surface of a multi-section roof that is over 4 sqft.

Predominant Pitch

Roof pitch (or slope) is the steepness of a roof expressed as a ratio of inch(es) rise per horizontal foot (or their metric equivalent), or as the angle in degrees, its surface deviates from the horizontal. A low slope roof is considered any roof under a 2:12 pitch factor, whereas a steep slope roof is anything above a 2:12 pitch factor.  For low sloped roofs, the industry standard is to provide a minimum of ¼” per foot slope, so if a building has a flat deck, there will be costs associated with adding this sloping.

Eaves, Hips, Rakes, Ridges, Valleys, Curb Dividers, Slope Changes

Consider all items that make a roof more complex. The more complex, the more added cost.

Current Roof Condition

In the state of Florida for commercial construction, it is permitted to install two layers of roof covering before having to remove down the structural deck. Therefore if a roof only has one layer, it is a candidate for roof recovery.  Prior to proposing a roof recovery, one must analyze the ability to recover or bond to the existing roof, and also whether the existing roof contains moisture.  It is recommended to perform test cuts or a moisture scan to certify there is none present.

Type of Roof

Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs are divided into two categories – low slope (flat) and steep slope – with various subcategories of each depending on the material used. Each category and subcategory is factored in when estimating the final cost of your roof replacement. Typically flat roofs can be replaced for less than sloped roofs, but the type of roofing system chosen will ultimately be the deciding factor.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly replaced with either a single-ply, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or a modified bituminous roofing system. Generally speaking, these options may run between $10-$25 per square foot. 

Sloped Roof Replacement

Sloped roof replacement requires asphalt shingles, tiles, shakes, or metal. Depending on the material you choose, you can expect pricing from $5-$20 per square foot.

Insulation Type

Your commercial roof’s ability to dissipate heat is vital in prolonging roof life and lowering energy costs, particularly in the harsh climates of the Southeast. The standard unit of measurement is “R-Value”, which is the ability to resist heat transfer.  As you might expect, the energy-efficiency ratings required by Florida Building Codes are among the highest in the nation, so high R-Values such as R-20 or R30 are desirable.  Regarding types of roof insulation, typical systems include either Polyisocyanurate insulation (ISO), EPS insulation, or Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems. There are benefits and constraints as to when to select these different types of insulation.  The amount and kind of insulation desired will factor into the overall commercial roof replacement cost.

Roof Accessories

Metal accessories, skylights, and placement of A/C units or other penetrations on your commercial roof add complexity to its replacement, resulting in higher costs. Detailed inspection prior to providing your estimate will enable Register Roofing to deliver accurate pricing, but generally, skylights, roof hatches, and metal curbs to hold HVAC equipment can add between $250 and $500 per accessory. Drains and flashings can also add additional costs that will vary by size and complexity.

Roof Accessibility

The challenges associated with performing work on your roof factor heavily in your overall commercial roof replacement cost. A two-story building will cost less to reroof than a 20-story building because it is relatively easier to get materials where they need to be. The ability to store materials near the project also eliminates logistical challenges which save time and money. Occupied buildings can cost more to re-roof than unoccupied buildings as the health, safety, and productivity of occupants must be considered which could require work at non-standard hours.


Register Roofing provides a standard two-year workmanship warranty for new roof or roof replacement services rendered. Manufacturer warranties can be provided in 10 to 30-year terms. Some warranties only cover material defects, whereas others cover labor and material defects with a no-dollar-limit in-warranty repair (NDL). The term and coverage you elect in your warranty will add to your commercial roofing replacement cost. 

As a trusted, experienced commercial roofing contractor, it is always Register Roofing’s goal to provide quality work at a fair price for every customer. Gaining a thorough understanding of your specific project and providing clear information on factors that contribute to your commercial roofing replacement cost help us achieve that goal.

If you believe your commercial roof is in need of replacement, contact us and learn how Register Roofing can help. Remember, the condition of your roof directly affects the cost of replacement. Acting sooner rather than later will protect your building and save you money.


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