Maintain Your Commercial Roof’s Warranty with Regular Inspection and Maintenance

The commercial roof on your building is a major investment. Though the initial cost can be somewhat significant, when you consider the protection the roof provides and its anticipated life expectancy of 20 years or more, it is an investment that will more than pay off if you do everything you can to take care of it.

No roofing material is so durable that it can be applied to your property or commercial building and then ignored for a quarter-century until it is time to be replaced. To achieve or exceed the full lifespan of a roof, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Thus, it is extremely important to ensure your roof is well taken care of.

Many factors will determine how often your commercial roof should be inspected including the style of roof, its age, and the climate where your building is located. A good guideline for a new roof is twice per year and after any major storm, with any noticeable water intrusion or other issue warranting investigation immediately. As a roof ages, it will require more regular inspection and repair.

What Does My Commercial Roofing Contractor Look For During An Inspection?

Experienced commercial roofing contractors have worked with an array of roofing materials and are quick to observe telltale signs of issues. Common problems that generally lead to bigger problems that your commercial roofing inspector will look for include:

  • Storm damage

  • Debris buildup

  • Damage from debris

  • Damage or degradation to roofing material

  • Roof membrane damage from rooftop equipment workers

  • Metal flashing corrosion and sealants

  • Seals around roof penetrations

  • Restricted water flow or runoff

Some issues can be addressed immediately during an inspection, while others may require a plan and a return visit to repair. Cracks, blisters, or lap failure in your roofing membrane, for example, probably speak to a larger problem that will require further investigation.

Minor repairs such as sealant touch-ups can generally be addressed immediately. Standing water on your commercial roof is particularly worrisome, sometimes it is a simple fix like a clogged drain causing the issue while other times it can be a failure in the overall drainage system. If this is the case, your inspector will work quickly with you to resolve the issue. Your roof remaining submerged in water for prolonged periods of time can cause the roofing material to break down and the weight of the standing water can cause structural damage to your building beyond its impact on your commercial roof.

What Should I Expect From My Commercial Roofing Contractor When My Inspection Is Complete?

Every time your commercial roofing contractor inspects your roof, you should expect a thorough report of their findings. It should contain an overall statement on the roof’s current condition, documentation on any quickly addressed repairs, and a clear outline of problems that couldn’t be addressed that day along with recommendations on plans and timeframes for repair.

This documentation is crucial for many reasons. First, a detailed log of the work you have performed on your commercial roofing system will be instrumental in addressing warranty claims with your contractor and the manufacturer of your roofing system. Second, a historical record of your roof’s condition will help building owners and property managers budget and prepare for the ultimate expense of roof replacement. Finally, you will have peace of mind knowing the exact condition of your commercial roofing system, mitigating concerns about unexpected issues or surprise costs.

You can think of your commercial roofing system like another large investment – your vehicle. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Early on in a vehicle’s life, it only requires basic scheduled maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. As the vehicle ages, you expect more costly repairs like replacing a battery or shocks. While replacement is ultimately inevitable, the value of maintaining a vehicle for as long as possible outweighs the cost of full replacement for a considerable amount of time. There are numerical studies that show regular inspections and maintenance on a commercial roof will extend its useful life by 25%, which typically is an additional 5 years. There are even roofing manufacturers which will offer warranty extension programs if a building owner agrees to regular inspection and maintenance.

Register Roofing provides honest and reliable inspection and maintenance services for all commercial roofing systems whether or not we performed the initial installation. If you’re not sure about the current condition of your roof or need a second opinion, contact us today and we will get one of our expert inspection and repair teams to you as quickly as possible. With the harsh climate in the Southeast and the number of other factors that can impact the lifespan of your roof, you owe it to yourself to have a clear picture of what’s happening on top of your building.


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