How To Choose The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

There are many reasons you may need to hire a commercial roofing contractor. Maybe you are building a facility and you need the perfect roof for your application. Maybe you have noticed some bubbling of your existing roof’s surface or a new series of leaks throughout your building and you are trying to determine if it can be repaired or requires replacement. Perhaps your current roofing contractor isn’t living up to your expectations and you want a new company to provide maintenance to protect your current roof’s warranty. You could even just be ready to give your building an upgrade.

Whatever the reason, choosing the right commercial roofing contractor is a crucial decision for your business or property. Whether you need a new or replacement commercial roof, roof repair, or maintenance, choosing the most qualified company makes all the difference. Google tells you there are plenty of roofers out there. How can you know you are hiring the right one? 

You need a commercial roofing contractor with a history of success. You need a team that understands your needs and is ready to partner with you. Most importantly, you need a commercial roofing contractor that is highly skilled and efficient. 

Register Roofing delivers in all these areas and more, but we know you will do your due diligence in searching for a commercial roofing contractor to meet your needs. To help, we are providing this comprehensive guide of several things you should investigate and consider prior to choosing a contractor for your commercial roofing project.

Check Credentials and Licensing

A commercial roofer’s capabilities and certifications are very important in informing your choice. Are they licensed to perform the work you need to be done to your building? Being “able” to do a job and being certified are two completely different things. A contractor’s license impacts the inspection process, the quality of workers they can hire, and the insurability of their work and worksite. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can delay your commercial roofing project and place unexpected liability on you. Ensuring the validity of a company’s contracting license(s) is crucial.

In addition to licensing, the ability to provide an NDL labor and material warranty from a top-tier roofing manufacturer is an instant credibility factor. This accreditation shows a level of respect and experience.  Many lesser contractors offer material-only or limited warranties, which are not worth the paper they are written on. 

Lastly, where do they typically work?  You wouldn’t hire a house roofer to install a hospital roof. At Register Roofing, our experience in healthcare, retail, educational, and federal marketplaces provides instant credibility to our work capabilities.  One should look for a similar experience when qualifying a prospective roofing contractor. Photos of shingle house roofs on a roofer’s website should discourage one from hiring on a commercial project.

Check References and Work Experience

An experienced commercial roofer will have a number of references you can contact to gain an understanding of what it is like to work with the company. The information you receive from business owners who have used your prospective company previously is invaluable. Of course, a contractor’s website is going to tell you everything that is great about them. You need unbiased information. Some examples of questions you should ask a reference are: How reliable is the company? Did they start work when they said they would and finish on time? Were they professional and courteous to work with? You can even get information on pricing, warranties, and workload from reviews. These are all things you want to learn from people who do not represent the commercial roofing contractor you are considering. 

What Should You Ask A Commercial Roofer?

Now that you have narrowed down your list of prospective commercial roofing contractors for your project, it is time to make contact. It is important to get some basic questions answered early on to save yourself valuable time when determining if the contractor is a perfect choice.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost is one of the top factors in deciding which commercial roofing contractor you will use. Ensure your prospective contractor understands your project and needs thoroughly and provides a clear explanation of costs and expectations. Get more than one quote and compare them. Remember that cost and value are not always the same thing. A quote that is extremely low may not cover everything you are expecting while a higher quote may be extremely detailed so there are no surprise charges or add-on fees later in the process. Referring back to the reviews you researched may give insight into how the various commercial roofing contractors value accuracy in their bidding processes.

Are You Fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

This is something of a repeat to your vetting process, but it is crucial to verify before selecting a commercial roofing contractor and allowing them to commence work on your site. You don’t want to be liable for an on-the-job injury due to your contractor’s negligence, but if your chosen commercial roofer is underinsured, you might be. Any credible roofing contractor will be more than transparent with the details of their insurance policies and licensure information. In regards to bonding, it is typically not required unless for a government or larger commercial project. It is a good pre-qualification question, as bonding capability coincides with a firm’s financial strength. Inability to obtain a bond should be a red flag.

Do You Have References?

Established commercial roofing contractors will have a number of contacts readily available that would be willing to tell you about their experiences. These references give you a “behind the curtain” look at what working with the commercial roofing contractor is actually like. You can find out their communication, project management, and job-site behavior. You should also ask the roofing contractor about other projects they have completed similar to yours. It is best to know your chosen roofer can perform to your specifications.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Reputable roofing contractors take pride in providing quality work in a timely manner and would not leave you stuck in a bad situation with your new or newly repaired roof whether the problem relates to craftsmanship or materials. Register Roofing, for example, provides generous warranties that extend through the life expectancy of the roofing material assuming no abuse or misuse of the product. A commercial roofing contractor who is unwilling to repair any leaks that form within that timeframe under warranty should not be considered for hire.

How Long Will It Take?

When you need a new roof installed or your existing roof repaired or replaced, the time to complete the job is a huge concern. Skilled, experienced roofers have the capacity to perform multiple jobs concurrently and should be able to meet reasonable expectations on turnaround time. Make sure the commercial roofers you are speaking with understand your need and timeline and can commit to completion within that schedule. Be mindful that the urgency of your job could increase the cost as a relatively short turnaround time could impact the costs of labor, obtaining materials, etc. You should also be aware of any potential outside factors that may cause unexpected delays in your project like the national material shortage impacting the commercial roofing industry worldwide. If you choose a commercial roofing contractor who has a large network of suppliers, timing will be less of an issue. 

What Should You Expect from Your Commercial Roofer?

You should expect a product that is installed properly and exceeds your expectations. This applies before, during, and after the sale. Remember, most commercial roofing applications have a warranty that lasts 25 years or more, make sure you are partnering with a company you would like to do business with for the long haul. A commercial roofing contractor who does not commit to the following may not be the best business partner.

A Free Estimate

There are basic parameters that determine the cost of your commercial roofing project. Register Roofing can provide a basic estimate for you after asking just a few questions. To ensure there are no surprises for you, we would prefer for our estimating team to get a good look at your project before we provide our final bid. Register Roofing believes it is extremely important to do everything in our power to earn your business. If you do receive a quick estimate from another commercial roofing contractor, ensure you know what it actually covers and ask what sorts of contingencies may change that price.

Open Communication and Consultation

The estimating and bidding process should be a two-way conversation. In an open dialogue, both you and your commercial roofing contractor can ask specific questions and make sure the right roofing application is being utilized for your project based on your needs, time, and budget. Once your project is in progress, you should expect regular updates from your commercial roofing contractor’s project management team. Register Roofing is always excited to share status updates with you and considers this to be an instrumental part of our relationship. Commercial roofing projects are large, costly, and time-sensitive. As a customer, you should never have to wonder how your job is progressing.

Availability For Maintenance and Repairs

A commercial roofing contractor who is intent on being your business partner should always be willing to stand behind their work and be ready to perform necessary maintenance and repairs. The contractor who installs your roof has the most extensive knowledge of the product and is, therefore, best equipped to keep it in top working order. Customer satisfaction is a primary concern of Register Roofing and we are always available to our customers to assist with commercial roofing services of all kinds.

A Safety-Focused Workforce

Commercial roofing jobs are performed high above ground. Safety protocols and compliance are non-negotiable for all parties associated with the working environment. A roofing contractor that is dedicated to ensuring safety on the job site demonstrates attention to detail and proper concern for both their team and your project. A large-scale accident could cause major delays while an investigation takes place. Fines can be levied against the building owner as well as the contractor in some cases. Both of these circumstances generate unexpected costs which should always be avoided. A reputable commercial roofing contractor will have a positive record on safety, proper safety protocols in place, and be more than willing to answer any questions you have about either at any time.

Finding the best commercial roofing contractor for your building is a big undertaking and one that should not be taken lightly. Installing, replacing, or repairing the commercial roof on your building, hospital, government institution or school should be the start of a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Using the criteria we laid out for you in this blog post should assist in choosing the right roofing partner.

Register Roofing has been setting the standard for commercial roofing services throughout the Southeast for over 40 years. We have the people, processes, and capability to check every box and deliver the flawlessly executed commercial roofing project you deserve. Contact Register Roofing today and tell us about your commercial roofing needs. We’ll tell you everything you’d like to know about us, get to know you and your project, then let you know how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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