Value Engineering to Control Commercial Roofing Variables

The commercial roofing industry is continuously evolving. Manufacturers consistently develop new technologies and market factors like availability and demand for materials must always be weighed heavily in the review of customer specifications and the overall bidding process.

In this climate, Register Roofing must continuously evolve as well. Innovation and awareness of new approaches to commercial roofing have been hallmarks of our company throughout our 40 years in business. In a time where effectively forecasting projects and scheduling work is more important than ever, the concept of value engineering ensures Register Roofing can meet or exceed our customers’ needs even under the most trying circumstances.

Historically, the value engineering approach has been a reactive one that isn’t employed until a project is already over budget. A contractor is asked by a developer to rescue a project by offering a system with quality parameters comparable to the original specification but represents cost savings to the owner. Reacting with alternate solutions provides savings opportunities for the owner which can get the project back on track, but may still cause delays while making adjustments to the overall project plan.

This reactive approach is particularly ineffective considering budget constraints are only one factor for an owner or general contractor in awarding or managing a project. The amount of time it will take to complete the project is often equally important.

This is particularly true in today’s economic climate. Intense supply chain constraints have building owners wondering not only “how much?” but also, “how long?” In many cases, pricing is less of a concern than it has ever been. Instead, what products we can provide and how quickly we can provide them, is more critical. 

Considering the devastating financial impact of a facility opening three months late, or a retail center missing on two months of tenant rent, it is not surprising that the focus of many building owners has changed.

For this reason, Register Roofing has redefined the value engineering model we bring to every customer bid request. We begin thinking outside the box immediately and make value engineering an active process. We carefully evaluate the client’s specifications against known available materials that would perform similarly to the customer’s expectations. Considering these factors, Register Roofing is able to provide multiple options for our clients.

These options consider the original specifications, roofing systems with the same or similar properties, and the availability of the various potential systems. As you would expect, value for the customer is always the most important factor. We only propose solutions that are comparable in cost and provide similar warranty options to what was originally specified. 

Without experience and familiarity with all types of commercial roofing systems and strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, Register Roofing would be unable to provide effective value engineering solutions for our clients. Our knowledge enables us to quantify alternative roof systems while factoring in cost and availability. This ultimately assists building owners in making the best long-term financial decision on their developments.

Material shortages and other uncontrollable variables do not have to result in a delay in construction or an over-budget project. It’s important to partner with a contractor who understands the importance of weighing the cost/benefit ratio to ensure the lifetime value of the job is optimized.  

There are many options available when installing a commercial roofing system, and at Register Roofing we have successfully installed them all. Put our value engineering approach to work for you. Contact Register Roofing for a free consultation on your commercial roofing project.


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